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Scouts.Digital Can Now Run Online Programs

Scouts.Digital Can Now Run Online Programs

In support of "Scouting From Home", Scouts.Digital can now run Online Programs for your Group. Tick the "Online Program" box when you next create a Program and follow the detailed instructions from the "Online Programs" menu item to have your Meerkats, Cubs & Scouts attend a Scouting Program From Home

With our Meerkats, Cubs & Scouts spending vast quantities of time at home, we thought it would be a good idea to have Scouts.Digital provide you with an ability to run Programs Online.

When you now create a Program, you have an option (A Tick Box) that lets Scouts.Digital know that you want to run this program as an Online Program. Simply tick the box to the right of "Online Program?" to do this.

Advancement Tasks and Badge Tasks are that you select when you create the Program are brought into the Online Program and can be associated to Tasks in your Online Program.

Attendance is a little different in Online Programs in that Adult Leaders do not need to capture attendance for an Online Program. Attendance is automatically captured when a Youth Member in your Group completes a task in your Online Program.

A Parent User Manual is downloadable for Parents & Scouts and an Administration Manual is available for Adult Leaders in your group that details what to do and some of the pitfalls to look out for when you are managing an Online Program.

Typically, a Parent will assist a Meerkat, Cub or young Scout in executing your Online Program tasks, but if a Scout has the ability to logon to Scouts.Digital, they can attend an Online Program by themselves. Parents, once logged on to Scouts.Digital, can access Online Programs in your Group as though they were their Meerkat, Cub or Scout. This is done from their Dashboard and explained in detail in the Parent User Manual.

If you share this Online Program, when someone from another Group adds your Shared Program to their Group, all Tasks, including descriptions, points and documents are copied across. However, when you add this Shared Program, your Online Program is set to INCOMPLETE (for your Group) and you will need to set an end Date and set the Online Program to Active.

As a side note, once this is all over for us, the Scouts.Digital Online Programs can be used to manage "Holiday Programs" for Meerkats, Cubs or Scouts during holiday periods.

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